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    shakshuka Town In Qarun Lake Old Ancient Town In Egypt
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    Kids Morning Play In Qaroun Wonder Lake Egypt
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    Adorable Beach View In Qarun lake Sunny Water
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    Surviving Roller Coaster Play With Tricks And Taugh Hand Hold
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    Audience Cheers Up In AFCON Egypt Stadium

    amazing audience cheers up in egypt afcon 2019 , was great experience with witness this great event in egypt with lots of enthusiasm in stadium :love::love::love: rumbles
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    Mind Release Lake In Egypt & Lost Ancient Qaroun Lake
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    Best water View In Quaron lake ' Magic lake '

    Known to locals as “The Pond” (El-Birka), the lake’s name may derive from the horn (qorn) shaped peak on an island in the middle, but Fayoumis believe that it’s named after a character in the Koran, who was swallowed up by the earth as a punishment for being “exultant in his riches”. The lake is...
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    Magic Quaron Lake Egypt Pharonic Wonder

    Lake Qarun itself is an immensely popular site for avid bird watchers and nature lovers with many species of bird life and green areas. Short of tankers gliding between the sandbanks of the Suez Canal, Egypt has no weirder juxtaposition of water and desert than Lake Qaroun (Birket Qaroun)...
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    What's Rumble and How Can I Sign Up For New Account

    check my 1st video with desktop recorder while explaining rumble and creating new account for people to see hpw simple to create and to start upload on video link :- youtube link :- View...
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    Amazing Structure In Masjjed El Moustafa Sharm El Sheikh
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    Surviving Roller Coaster Play With Tricks And Taugh Hand Hold
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    Tourist Walking On Beach In Sharm El Sheikh

    check our new video
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    Riding An Old Elephant First Time In Sri Lanka

    I was Very Curious in my jorney to sri lanka to try riding elephants for the first time , It took me a while to decide to take my chance and try it , It was an amazing adventure and i really recommend people who visit sri lanka to try the 10 mins riding elephants. video link ...