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    Zen is Rumble's creater of the week

    Congrats Zen!
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    'Like' button on comments has more possibilities now.

    Yes there are few little changes happening at the moment. The green online icon has changed as well.
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    Tips how to be found on Google and why you should write long video descriptions

    Not sure where my post went I did write before.:unsure: , but I just wanted to say a big thank you to you @Zen as well! Your article is a great help to understand how it actually works. I will certainly start to include your tips on my rumble and youtube videos. Thank you!
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    I think the most obvious reason would be that the videos aren't your videos, but videos from a TV show? Rumble can only accept your own videos.
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    Stolen videos

    Thank you @Mario. I'll get that done now.
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    Stolen videos

    Not with this one. To be honest @Mario everytime I sent links to DMCA they say they get back to me, but nothing gets done. So I don't know what to do. If it's even worth me looking for stolen videos or am I just wasting my time? I know some are abroad and they can't be reached, but I had some...
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    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    Good question!
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    Dailymail video platform and previous unauthorized use of Rumble content

    Dailymail is very well known for stealing videos. I have been waiting for them to pay me on two videos now for the last three years and given up hope. They just do what they want. I can't believe they are still at it and think they can get away with it. Good luck @RebeccaStout with your case!
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    Stolen videos

    Unfortunately I haven't had much luck with getting stolen copies of my Rumble videos removed from dodgy website. I'm hopeful Rumble can remove this one : View: ( there are probably many more stolen videos on there too) @Mario could you look into it and let me...
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    Dailymail video platform and previous unauthorized use of Rumble content

    That's awful. It's not about who is right, it's just about who's got the most money. :(
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    Dailymail video platform and previous unauthorized use of Rumble content

    I've been following this as well! I think the court case was dismissed if I understand correctly. It's all a bit too much jargon for me. It said: ORDER DISMISSING ENTIRE ACTION WITH PREJUDICE in December 2018 You can read more here...
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    Good question. I always do this, but they never seemed to get used. Which is a shame as this is quite an important part and I put a lot of effort into finding the right thumbnail from the video so it does what it suppose to, make people want to watch.
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    I have to say that never caused me a problem. My YouTube version is often much longer ( as that's what my subscribers want) than what I post on Rumble, which is shorter and more to the point. I don't use auto syndication either, so there is never the question for YouTube who uploaded the video...
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    but your the master at explaining! :-)
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    Video Sold to NHK, Japan TV (update on earnings)

    I just wish the Rumble player would be half as good as it was last year. Not sure what happened there, for it to go down that far. Views always change I know that, but Rumble views are nearly non existent now.
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    Video Sold to NHK, Japan TV (update on earnings)

    You should of got more for the interview alone! I never do those, I always decline. :-) . My first ever sell was a Japanese deal, after that you're hooked and you want more, but they don't come along too often unfortunately. Like you said, you can't loose and you have to be in it to win it. It's...
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    Video Sold to NHK, Japan TV (update on earnings)

    Japanese TV always paid me really well. Unfortunately I haven't sold any with Rumble yet, but when you do get them, $270 seems to be very much a starting point and most of the time is much higher than that! So yes do watch out for those, they are good sales!
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    Cash Out

    Yep I'm certainly no teenager lol , just young at heart . 😊 And for Paypal is working great for me!
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    Yes I hope they fix it. I deleted the video and I will stop using schedule now. It's a shame really, it would of helped me alot. Maybe when Mario gets back he could shed some light on it.
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    Yep, as Mario said they suppose to be reviewed normally just like our non-scheduled videos, but this is obviously not the case.