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  1. Mario


    Looks like Instagram is removing all outside links from their site.
  2. Mario

    What's meaning of "pending video " in Rumble?

    Hello Sakurisa, Every question you may have as a new creator have already been answered here:1
  3. Mario

    Zen is Rumble's creater of the week

    that's alright, I appreciate the enthusiasm!
  4. Mario

    Zen is Rumble's creater of the week

    you beat me to the announcement...
  5. Mario

    Stolen videos

    Let's do this, send this exact message to support so I can have a copy of it and I will take care of escalating it. Unfortunately I can't action any DMCA requests but I can get the issue looked at. Include the Rumble URL
  6. Mario

    Stolen videos

    This goes to, did you send an email there or to support?
  7. Mario

    Hi Newbie in rumble. how? my video will earn money

    This is inaccurate, you still get ads in your videos the same as full distribution. The only difference is in promotion not monetization. The only video that gets no ads is the one submitted under the "not for sale" license.
  8. Mario

    Rumble Content Contribution

    You cannot edit a contribution once it's been submitted.
  9. Mario

    Video Play - Earns

    You receive earnings when the ad that plays before your video is shown to the user, even if they quit your video half way you'd still receive that.
  10. Mario

    Finding Videos

    It's a known issue we're working on. Only the player is updating but the page remains with the same info from the first video.
  11. Mario

    Video still pending

    We have replied to you multiple times, please check your spam folder. The three main reasons that your content isn't being approved is: 1) we have not been able to confirm with you that you own these clips, 2) Your titles are vague, 3) your descriptions are just copied from vaguely similar...
  12. Mario

    Claim Rights - Youtube

    Auto syndication simply uploads the video to YouTube as it if were you, for a video to receive a claim and get uploaded to our channels it needs to be approved for full distribution.
  13. Mario


    We've internally discussed this in the past and it's not an avenue we're taking, I'm not sure if a different decision will come down from above, but for now we're not focusing on Vlogging.
  14. Mario

    Cash Out

    Payroll is for Employees, you're not an employee, creators are not employees. And cheques ARE available to our publishers, but you are not a publisher.
  15. Mario

    Mail Change

    When you change your email, a confirmation is sent to your old address. You need to click the link in that email to make the changes active. I will send them again, make sure they're not going to spam.
  16. Mario

    Cash Out

    1) "I know you guys mostly cater to teens and dog videos" this is just plain wrong. Our platform has a very diverse demographic, and if you spent any time engaging with our users, you'll see that. 2) "it says a lot about a company when they push their integral parts to a third party" yes, it...
  17. Mario


    In simple terms: we approve the content we believe we can distribute and reject the content we don't want in our platform or can't distribute for some reason. We really can't spend a lot of time explaining why a video was rejected since we are not going to use it, and it would be pointless to...
  18. Mario

    Cash Out

    We have PayPal and Payoneer as payment options, that about covers everyone in the world except for the more restrictive countries were people don't really submit creator content anyway.
  19. Mario

    How to make money with views and plays

    Statistically this is a very small amount of plays, so even if you had earnings from them would be just a few cents
  20. Mario

    Is there a way to change the name on my account?

    Hey TacTimes, Glad to hear that. And yes, multiple channels can use the same content as long as we claim it all revenue will be reported to your account. What you can't so on YouTube is reuse the same content on your own videos in the same channel, they see that as padding your view time to...