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  1. Homecatvideo2020

    How long do videos pend?

    it's too bad
  2. Homecatvideo2020

    Time to consider a new site

    well we still not 100% sure as some accounts work and others not receiving monetization from rumble yt
  3. Homecatvideo2020

    What is auto Syndication Tab?

    yeah it's good tap for auto upload to 5 different platforms
  4. Homecatvideo2020

    Top earner

    wooow great
  5. Homecatvideo2020

    Third party payout late?

    so when i use management options or full management how long does it take for 3rd party to accept an video ?
  6. Homecatvideo2020

    Third party payout late?

    yeah it's too bad
  7. Homecatvideo2020

    I do not know why was rejected

    u can refer back to rumble support for more explanation
  8. Homecatvideo2020

    Licensing info in YouTube video descriptions

    yeah good one that helps a lot
  9. Homecatvideo2020

    What will happen when I click upload ?

    great answer to explain the uploading method !!!
  10. Homecatvideo2020

    Rumble Newsletter Thoughts

    great point of view
  11. Homecatvideo2020

    Thank you Rumble!!

    congratulations !!!!
  12. Homecatvideo2020

    Video Games Like PUBG

    hmmm i think you can upload for sure but choose best shoots in videos
  13. Homecatvideo2020

    Top Rumble

    depends on great content of videos not usually i think