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  1. ThrowbackHomeVideos

    Like and Share Each Other's New Sold Videos

    So I was thinking that whenever we sell a new video we should all share it/like it to help spread the viral flame. I'll do this for any NEW SOLD videos posted here on this thread. Will you do this? Videos need to be no more than five days old. Ideally, you will post the link the day it gets...
  2. ThrowbackHomeVideos

    Recently Sold Videos, How are they Doing?

    Hey Guys, I want to see what videos of yours have most recently sold and how they are doing. I recently sold "Baby Sneezes 100 Times in 90 Seconds" and it went live on Friday (2/20/15) It looks like it will dud as it...
  3. ThrowbackHomeVideos

    Your Favorite, Top, and Surprise Videos on Rumble

    Hey Guys, I thought it would be fun to have a place to share some of our videos. It's an opportunity to see what others have done and to fluff our own feathers a bit. Seeing what worked and what doesn't is a good tool for uploading successful videos in the future. Here's what I want to see...
  4. ThrowbackHomeVideos

    Suggested Edits/Improvements for the forum

    @tolerantxero, @cseh_17 When I click on someone's profile within the forum it takes me to their profile but I can't get to their videos. Am I doing something wrong or is this functionality not available yet? I see what you've done tolerantxero with adding the rumble page link in your video...