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  1. rasrad

    When the winner of the day is paid

    When and how is payment made for the winner of the day, if for example I became the winner on Friday, December 21?
  2. rasrad

    Upload status

    Hello I uploaded the video two times, cut it and changed the encoding of the format. So the problem is not in video format. The video does not receive the status Pending In parallel, I upload before and after the other videos and they got the status Pending I chose the Full Management Update...
  3. rasrad

    It's good to see who became a referral

    Hello It is necessary to see the name of accounts that became referrals.
  4. rasrad

    Mysterious encounters with UFOs

    Possibly two dozen UFOs flying over at night We watched the sky, when suddenly a dark object materialized Symbols at the landing site of a UFO after contact...
  5. rasrad

    Android application does not upload video

    Error in the application asks to confirm email
  6. rasrad

    Sites that steal videos

    Good day There is a possibility to takeoff automatically copies on the site While in their video player there is no advertising but it is on the walls, and can appear in video for future, is there somehow how to control the content on this platform? Site is the same. but there is...
  7. rasrad

    Payments to the card

    Hello Will there be any direct payments to plastic cards VISA or MasterCard in the future?
  8. rasrad

    Copyright Status Hello everybody I guess it's for the new, but detailed explanations are not seen.
  9. rasrad

    No income from Youtube for this year at 324,000 viewings

    Good time to all After a detailed look at the statistics in my account, I'm worried about the fact that 324,000 views were received from Youtube, for 7 months of this year, and the revenue is only 8 dollars, and in general the income is almost not deducted since May. Explain please what...