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    Question about music in video

    As most of you probably already know, YouTube has a library of music that it's creators can use in their videos. I used several of those music clips in my YouTube videos as background music. Is that music allowed in our videos when we upload them to Rumble or will it cause us to get a copy...
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    Video not uploading

    I am trying to upload my first video and it is taking forever. I started the upload over two hours ago and am still waiting. The file is only 1.5GBs and I am on a connection of over 100mps. As you can see from the attached jpeg, the upload says 100% uploading, and all the thumbnails have the...
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    Question about useful content

    I am like a lot of other Rumble creators in that youtube totally screwed me over with its new no monetization policy. I have had an education channel on YT for a few years but didn't actually start taking it seriously until just a few months before YT changed the rules. I am thinking of giving...