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  1. StrangeVids

    Am i the only one seeing this msg on overview page?

    I opened my account to see the status and I saw this msg above. What's happening guys?
  2. StrangeVids

    Rumble app is not working.

    Crashing every time i try to play a video.
  3. StrangeVids

    I am not able to update my status from my phone.

    I tried many times to post new status from my phone but it always say oops there is an error. Please fix this.
  4. StrangeVids

    Should I keep the Old bank details with paypal?

    Hey! I have just opened a new account in HDFC. And they have the policy to check from where the money is coming from if it is in foreign currency. As you can see in the image: google has provided the required information already so I don't have to give any details for the income. I want to...
  5. StrangeVids

    When should we expect earnings update?

    Its been a long time i haven't seen any update in my earnings. I know there is income from youtube but it is not displayed on rumble from many weeks. Please update.
  6. StrangeVids

    Should Provide reasons for rejection.

    Hey! It is just a thought. I also use dreamstime and other stock photo sites to upload content and when they reject any of my photograph they provide some bullet points that why they have rejected any particular photo. And they have these points ready to be attached to the rejected files. I...
  7. StrangeVids

    A Good News

    few days ago i posted that YouTube removed the monetization option of my channel. It is still not revoked but there is a good news. The videos claimed by rumble are still monetized for rumble and showing ads. So, that is a kind of relief. Not full relief but still better than nothing.
  8. StrangeVids

    Serious Problem

    I am sharing the screen shot of my monetization status. I am sure YT has done this because of the multiple claims as the reason presented by you tube is reuse. @Mario , this is a serious problem. I don't know what to do now. I have to delete all the videos before I reapply for monetization...
  9. StrangeVids

    Please check if it is ok, Rumble just claimed this video

    Rumble claimed my video and in monetization section it is showing this: Please let me know if everything is ok in this.. and if my video is still being monetized. Also share your own screenshot if possible, i just want to see how the new info looks like thanks @Mario
  10. StrangeVids

    Can rumble claim yt video even if it is posted as unlisted?

    I was wondering if Rumble can claim any video if it is posted as Unlisted on YT? Is it possible?
  11. StrangeVids

    What is the fastest way to get YT video claimed?

    I had uploaded a video on rumble it got approved for limited distribution and now I am uploading the video on YT. How to make sure it will get claimed by rumble ASAP. As now I can not paste the link to YT because I am uploading the video after the rumble approval.
  12. StrangeVids

    Rumble claim affect YT monetization?

    I was just wondering whether Rumble claim to any YT video reduce the number of ads shown on YT video or it remains same and rumble take 10% of it.
  13. StrangeVids

    Suggestions for travel video.

    I am going to visit vietnam and some other countries in this year. Please suggest me what kind of videos should I prefer and the type of videos which have good sells. If possible please link your video which got sell and got full distribution on rumble. To give an idea on how and what to...
  14. StrangeVids


    HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS! MAY ALL YOUR EARNINGS of 2018 GET MULTIPLIED BY 2019 :) in this new year Be Happy, Be Blessed. Your Friend Sumit (Strangevids)
  15. StrangeVids

    How can i list my videos for content contributions?

    Hey! I just saw this new feature in which we can write description for other's videos. I want to know that how can I list my own video so that other members can write description for them. As I am very bad with that. I can not find any option or is it only for the fully approved videos not the...
  16. StrangeVids

    Website of My Dog

    Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. As I said in one one the previous video that I want to add some rumble videos of you guys to my website but the site was messed up that time. So, I have just started creating it from the scratch. The website is : & the tag line is...
  17. StrangeVids

    please check my page In the above link I have embedded a rumble video from my channel. I just want to know that if anybody can see any ads on this page by rumble as i can't see ads before or after the video. I wanted to promote this page but if there are no ads shown...
  18. StrangeVids

    Your Videos on My Blog

    I made a website of my pet. its If anyone would like me to share the video by embedding your Rumble video there please let me know. thanks :)
  19. StrangeVids

    Need some help with 300 word description.

    I am very bad at writing. And it's very difficult job for me. I have a video in which a rabbit is digging hole in the ground and then he turned and started digging the bumb of other rabbit. I don't know how to write 300 words for this. Please msg me. .
  20. StrangeVids

    Embed For Patreon

    I want to know if it is possible to embed my Ruble Video to Patreon even if it is not accepted for any kind of distribution. I just need to embed a video in a post there with the help of Rumble player. Is it possible? How?