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  1. RaisingFISHERmen

    email alerts

    Hello, Is there a way to manage the email alerts for the people you are subscribed to? My inbox is filling up with reminder emails of each subscription new videos. I would like to n
  2. RaisingFISHERmen

    It's never to late to say I'm sorry!

    Hi All, Let me know what you all think!! It's never to late to say I'm sorry!
  3. RaisingFISHERmen

    My Video has 24Million views on Rumble YouTube and PAYOUT seems wrong

    Hello, I have a video that was posted on Rumble's Youtube channel that has 24Million views, and I don't think I have been paid out correctly on the views. Can somebody please tell me what they think might be wrong here or what the possible payout should be? Here is the link to my video: View...