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  1. morganmitchell

    Youtube Stats

    I searched but cannot find anything that answers to why youtube hasn't been updated since November 23rd. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. morganmitchell

    Video processing stuck at 1%

    Is anyone else having troubles uploading their videos? All of mine are stuck in queue at 1% since yesterday.
  3. morganmitchell

    Random payment with no description

    I was wondering if anyone else has had a random payment show up like this one. I’m not complaining, but this $40.00 showed up in my stats with no clues as to what it is for. It shows up under a rumble payment, and when I click it just goes to a white page that says “redirect not found”. I would...
  4. morganmitchell

    Third party payout late?

    My last third party payout was July 16th. Has anyone received one since or are they even more behind? I recall seeing a post from @Mario saying it was going to be paid by mid August, and I received nothing. Just wondering if maybe I didn’t make anything that month (doubtful but possible) or if I...
  5. morganmitchell

    October Third Party?

    Has anyone got their October third party yet?? @DavidMcNab i was hoping you were right that it would have come in last week and I am just hoping that it isn’t in (versus not have made anything at all!)
  6. morganmitchell

    No advertising on youtube videos

    I was wondering if there is a problem with youtube monetization on the Rumble Viral channel? I have noticed that none of the videos have been showing ads the last couple of days.
  7. morganmitchell

    Thank you Rumble

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who works hard to make rumble a great place for content creators! I just a booked a Caribbean vacation for my husbands 50th birthday from one month of rumble earnings! This experience has been amazing and the income is just a great perk of the job...
  8. morganmitchell

    Today’s top earner

    On the home page, they always showcase today’s top earner....and my video is there!!! That is super exciting, but I was wondering how this was gauged? If anyone has and ideas, please let me know. I have seen increase in views on the video, but would be sad for everyone if it was making more...
  9. morganmitchell

    Long wait times lately

    I am all for growth and very happy for Rumble to be taking it to a whole new level and getting lots of new creators, but I do miss the days you could post a video and have it accepted the next day. I uploaded on Sunday and am still waiting. Hopeully with this growth will come a new system to...
  10. morganmitchell

    Increased YouTube Earnings

    I was wondering if anyone is seeing much higher YouTube earnings in the last month or two? I am make more from the rumble YouTube channel than the rumble player lately (by hundreds) and it seems strange. Just wondering if anyone is seeing the same thing.
  11. morganmitchell

    Third party update

    Hi everyone I was looking for a third party update. I know they were behind, so I was wondering where things stand. I have been with rumble for 8 months and have not seen any third party payouts yet. Thanks in advance for any updates!
  12. morganmitchell

    Uploading issues

    I have been attempting to upload 3 videos for 2 days and they get stuck on 33%. I have deleted and re-uploading 3 times, once leaving them for 10 hours and they still didn't upload. I am trying again this morning but it looks like they are still doing the same thing. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. morganmitchell


    Can someone please explain what virality means exactly? One of my videos from 2 months ago got accepted for limited and all of a sudden is getting views with a 77% virality
  14. morganmitchell

    Facebook monetizing on my video!

    I have noticed one of my videos paying out with facebook! I am not sure how this is being done, but is shows money from facebook as one of my referrals! Anyone else? This is exciting, hopefully the beginning of a new income stream!
  15. morganmitchell

    300 word descriptions not being picked up by 3rd party

    Since we were told to have 300 word descriptions on our videos, they are not being picked up by Yahoo or AOL. I have had 3 videos go full distribution (all with 300 word descriptions) and none of them have been put on AOL or Yahoo. This cannot be a coincidence as I have never had a full...
  16. morganmitchell

    Hi everyone I found one of my videos with millions of views on on their own player and it’s not licenced through rumble. Has anyone had any experience with little things? I think they are partners with another video company platform.
  17. morganmitchell


    How long do your videos go rumbling for? In the past they were never rumbling for more that a couple hours now I have one rumbling for a couple days. I know a lot has been changing but I thought I would ask to see if anyone else’s videos are doing the same thing.
  18. morganmitchell

    Yahoo viral video

    Just out of curiousity, has anyone got a video to go viral on yahoo, and if so, do they pay out well? I have never had much luck with yahoo, but today I had a video hit hard with just about 1 Million views in 24 hours :) Just wondering if anyone has had any experience?
  19. morganmitchell

    Video still pending

    Hi everyone I have had a video pending for 3 days and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing a delay. They usually go through the next morning after uploading, so I was just curious if things were behind. Thanks
  20. morganmitchell

    Video used without permission

    About a year ago, rumble staff posted one of my videos without my permission and monetized it. It has done quite well and I am still waiting to hear what is going to be done about it. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. I was surprised to see such a large and reputable company...