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  1. Mario

    Understanding how the new Rumble works.

    glad it's not just me who thinks that.
  2. Mario

    My video has not been uploaded to YouTube

    Only videos approved for full distribution are submitted by Rumble to YouTube. If your content has been accepted for full distribution, you will get an email indicating so.
  3. Mario

    PubgMasterGame is our Creator of the Day!

    With over 120 approved videos, more than 200 messages in our forum, almost 400 likes and a highly engaged member of our community!. Congratulations!!!
  4. Mario


    You didn't miss the announcement. I'll get confirmation soon.
  5. Mario


    What issues exactly are you having with the scheduler?
  6. Mario

    Linking Youtube channel with Rumble

    Fro videos already on our platform before autosyndication was turned on you will have to manually upload to YT.
  7. Mario

    Our Advertising videos for Creators to join Rumble

    If there's one thing I can suggest everyone do is this... This is the best advice in the thread.
  8. Mario

    Delete account

    We don't offer an option to delete or cancel accounts, you can simply abandon your account and it will remain inactive until you login again, if you ever do.
  9. Mario

    Videos will millions of views.

    If you license the video exclusively to Rumble, which would include management on YouTube; then this video's distribution rights perpetually and irrevocably. You would no longer be in charge of the ads on the video. I'm not sure if I understand all your questions correctly, but it looks like...
  10. Mario

    I messed up my PayPal address!

    We will mark your request to support as complete since it looks like the issue is resolved.
  11. Mario

    Videos will millions of views.

    This is accurate, for both exclusive licenses, one your content is approved and goes live Rumble perpetually and irrevocably owns the distribution rights to the video.
  12. Mario

    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    Hello everyone, This guide takes a closer look and provides you with all you need to know about Rumbles and ways to effectively earn them. - What are Rumbles? Rumbles are a way to measure your contribution to the Rumble community. Using a traditional point system, you gain or lose Rumbles...
  13. Mario

    pending videos

    Your content is queued to be approved today.
  14. Mario

    Earnings Display

    Hello Folks, We're still working on the migration to the new site and ironing all the wrinkles. A site of our size takes some time, please be patient for another day or two.
  15. Mario

    Rumble Introduces Rumble Reel, Unlocking Access to Short-Form Digital Video

    If a company has licensed your video you will see it on your dashboard. The system is working well for us, and growing little by little every day.
  16. Mario

    How to License other people videos if they allow ?

    We can't speak as to any dealings you will make with other parties or how to execute them. But your ownership of the content has to be clear. Why aren't these other people uploading the content themselves? you can still collect the referral fee of 5%.
  17. Mario

    Slipping Standards?

    To an extent yes, but this video will be taken down as it does not meet our standards. Thank you for bringing it up @cdngreenwaterdiver
  18. Mario

    Slipping Standards?

    This is a Viralhog video, they're one of the largest viral video providers online, and as such they provide their own vetting.
  19. Mario

    How to License other people videos if they allow ?

    You need written consent from these people that you own the video rights perpetually. If your claim to the licensed videos is ever challenged you will need to prove you own them.