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  1. cdngreenwaterdiver

    plays vs views

    Hi everyone. I keep seeing plays and views listed in stats and on vids. In just checking my stats I am seeing many more views than plays. I have my own theory of why this is but would like to see what others think as to why the viewers resist on "playing" the video, which is what makes us money...
  2. cdngreenwaterdiver

    Come see whats great about a white shark
  3. cdngreenwaterdiver

    mom surprises her daughter with the best birthday gift
  4. cdngreenwaterdiver

    Apple's Safari Browser issues with Youtube Creator

    Just thought i would pass this along in case anyone has experienced the same issues i was having and wonders why. I started having issues downloading songs from youtube creator a couple months back. After trying to get some info from youtube(impossible) and chatting with Apple, i found no...