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  1. einsteinparrot

    Thank you Rumble!

    Woke up to nice surprise today! Thanks for recognizing me as creator of the day! My journey on Rumble has been wonderful and I look forward to 2019. Wishing the folks at Rumble and all my friends on Rumble a Very Merry Christmas. As Einstein would say, "Merry Corn!" View...
  2. einsteinparrot

    Descriptions is full of html gibberish and links are broken

    My recent video was placed on Rumble Viral and the description is hardly readable because of all of the html gibberish that has been added for some unknown reason. The links in the description are also broken. Very unprofessional and does nothing for added views. Is this happening to anyone...
  3. einsteinparrot

    Comment area missing

    When I get an email from the people I've subscribed to I'll click on the video to watch. Sometimes the comment area is available, and sometimes it's not. Is there a reason?
  4. einsteinparrot

    Rumble making a poor impression! Is Rumble no longer editing titles of videos?

    I've recently noticed that many video titles are not being edited and it creates a bad impression on Rumble. Here are just a few that I have seen in recent days. I'm concerned that Rumble is lowing their quality. "Gavin Loves so much her sister" (Gavin is a boy) "Funny Dogs Video , Amazing girl...
  5. einsteinparrot

    Videos on Amazon

    I just discovered the videos I've uploaded to Rumble are on Amazon. These are labeled as "free video". Am I getting 3rd party royalties for these videos since they do play ads? I wouldn't think people would go there to watch them as they are buried so deep into Amazon's site. Why are they there...
  6. einsteinparrot

    3rd Party Payouts?

    I've not had any 3rd party payouts since January. Have they been paid out since then? Did I just not earn any?
  7. einsteinparrot

    DELETE button for limited distribution has been REMOVED!

    I received the email this morning that Rumble accepted a video for limited distribution. I DID NOT CLICK THE LINK in the email accepting limited distribution. I prefer to delete the video, make changes, and resubmit. However, this video has gone “live” for limited distribution and the delete...
  8. einsteinparrot

    How important is Approval % ?

    I searched the forum and can't find any information about the approval % that displays in the account overview. Mine is at 69%. Is that good or bad? Does Rumble take it into consideration? I feel like I'm in school and being graded.
  9. einsteinparrot

    Should I be posting my Rumble Videos to my YouTube Channel?

    I've been creating Rumble videos for about 6 months. I've made these videos exclusively for Rumble. I thought that was what Rumble wanted. (I have about 19 that have been sold for 3rd party earnings.) Can I also upload these videos to my YouTube channel? (I have a fairly large following.) What...
  10. einsteinparrot

    26 week - No 3rd Party anything

    I have been with Rumble for 26 weeks. I have several videos approved for 3rd party, yet views have not yet started appearing and I have not recieved any 3rd party earnings. I have read on this forum that it takes 5-6 months to see anything appear. When should I start seeing this?