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  1. Robwakefield

    Video Quality on Playback

    So not sure if i should have posted this elsewhere, but curious as to why when i click videos often the lowest resolution version is served up first... does rumble not automatically serve up the highest resolution clip?
  2. Robwakefield

    Easy, Delicious Recipes

    If you are a beginner to cooking, or a pro, these recipes are super easy to cook, and all taste delicious... food is meant to be eaten, not photographed for instagram!!!
  3. Robwakefield

    Time to consider a new site

    Hey guys just wanted to canvass some opinion here.... we all know that is no longer getting anywhere near to traffic across individual videos anymore... it's getting to the point where there is almost no incentive left for me to continue producing content... wanted to see if anyone...
  4. Robwakefield

    huge view count drop off

    Has anyone else noticed that viewpoints, across the board, on all platforms have massively dropped off in the past 6 months... right about the same time that started awarding $50 a day payments... I really like Rumble, I've used it for years, and made some money, but the inaccuracy...
  5. Robwakefield

    Dog Therapy, Dog videos with Hank

    Hey i've developed a fairly full channel and wanted to share it here, it's videos i've filmed of my dog, and some of his dog friends, hope you enjoy:
  6. Robwakefield

    what are 'rumbles'

    just notice a label under my username with 'x rumbles' displayed under it... what's this new feature? anyone got any ideas?
  7. Robwakefield

    Total Views is STILL not accurate

    Hello, so if I go to my ALL VIDEOS and look at the TOTAL VIEWS OR VIEWS stats... they are wrong... If I click on the actual video, I get a larger viewer count on the rumble page for the video... and if I track the video down on rumbles youtube page, I find even more views... this is quite...
  8. Robwakefield

    inaccurate viewcounts

    on the 'all videos' page accessed through the 'account page' the viewcounts are completely off... on the individual videos we can only see rumble views...
  9. Robwakefield

    innacurate viewcounts on account page

    hey wondering if any rumble people could give me a heads up as to why the viewcounts are wildly different across the individual videos and account pages... it's very hard to keep track of anything right now...