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  1. winkeldinkel

    Thanks for Creator of the day!

    I better get busy and start uploading more! Much Appreciated!:cool:
  2. winkeldinkel

    New Earnings posted

    Last transaction was March 1st from YouTube and this was payment for January 2019
  3. winkeldinkel

    Congrats Rumble Viral!

    Good to see the subs going upward and onward. YouTube is very competitive these days so that's a big plus!
  4. winkeldinkel

    Congratulations EmotionsOfAfrica

    Yes great job!!
  5. winkeldinkel

    Sub my channel . Thanks all

    just subscribed..Here's mine
  6. winkeldinkel

    Everyone let me ask . Thanks

    That means your video has been approved and is now live on the website.
  7. winkeldinkel

    plays vs views

    Yes that is kind of strange.
  8. winkeldinkel

    plays vs views

    I'm sure if they hit skip ad after a few seconds, that we likely make less. If the ad plays through to the video, I assume we get more. Seems logical. You can verify that with rumble though.
  9. winkeldinkel

    Time to consider a new site

    Yes I just watched and ad played for me too. Strange...about an hour ago there was nothing. Guess it varies..
  10. winkeldinkel

    Random payment with no description

    Well congrats Diamondlaker! You see? your patience paid off. I wish I could have seen that cute deer video with the snow on it's face but it wouldn't load for me at all.
  11. winkeldinkel

    Time to consider a new site

    @BenW I just watched your video 3 times and saw no ads. Maybe it's hit and miss. Perhaps Rumble has nothing to do with this and YouTube just demonetizes randomly. You have a pretty high view count and it's a nice video so I would think ads would run on that one. Who knows what's going on here? lol
  12. winkeldinkel

    Time to consider a new site

    Before that rule came into effect, I used to see ads run on my YouTube channel on my claimed videos. I only had about 47 subscribers at that time. No ads appeared after February 2018. In fact I deleted all my videos from my personal channel and no longer use the auto syndication feature...
  13. winkeldinkel

    Time to consider a new site

    @TwinsKitties I believe you will only be monetized on Rumble's YouTube channel and Rumble's regular website channel due to the new rule that came into play last February 2018. You must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hrs. It's the same for me as well. No money from my personal YouTube...
  14. winkeldinkel

    plays vs views

    Ok, first of all if you have your account settings where you don't display what you are earning your views will only be visible to the general public. I choose to not display my earnings but I have made $1526.21 so far so even though only my views are shown publicly on my videos, I'm certainly...
  15. winkeldinkel

    Time to consider a new site

    My most recent YouTube payment was February 4th and that was payment for December
  16. winkeldinkel

    Full distribution

    Yes, it's more about quality than quantity. Only upload what you believe to be your best material.
  17. winkeldinkel

    NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!

    Make that money! Congrats Dave! 😋🤗
  18. winkeldinkel

    Happy Valentine's Day "Rumblers"

    May your earnings allow you to buy only the very best chocolates!!🤠😍😍