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  1. Maxyviral

    First viral video

    iam still waiting for my 1st , as iam new here , but i expected that it will be the least expected video for sure :D
  2. Maxyviral

    1st Video Uploaded to Rumble

    nice one for open disscussion mine was
  3. Maxyviral

    Has anyone noticed their promoted videos are going on Rumble YouTube, not Rumble VIRAL YouTube?

    i had this issue too with one video as below
  4. Maxyviral

    my family babies videos

    great video
  5. Maxyviral

    Thank you David for visiting the Toronto office!!!

    great work @DavidMcNab
  6. Maxyviral

    Daily Life Mom Cat With 4 Twins Kitties

    Good Work (y)(y) Try work with Better Camera Resolution for better quality videos
  7. Maxyviral

    Dropping in at Rumble Head Office

    Great , Inspiring Words DavidMcNab
  8. Maxyviral

    PubgMasterGame is our Creator of the Day! Congratulations!!

    Well done dude PubgMasterGame
  9. Maxyviral

    Ad question

    oh cool
  10. Maxyviral

    Ad question

    good to know a bout this discussion thanks all
  11. Maxyviral

    Subscription emails

    well yeah they all rumble at the same time but scheduled videos keeps private until it's time or more , I got bugged videos still not live as it scheduled time passed , I think this option still not tested well
  12. Maxyviral

    Scheduled vids

    hmmm i see
  13. Maxyviral

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    happy new year
  14. Maxyviral

    Learn how to make dangerous surfes moves beach

    video not playing error appears !!!
  15. Maxyviral

    I Delete my vidéo accidentally!

    thanks mario
  16. Maxyviral

    The subscribers club

    My channel too
  17. Maxyviral

    looking for subscribers

    subscribe here
  18. Maxyviral

    Subscribers please

    Done Sub back
  19. Maxyviral

    JeremyandLuigi is our Winner of the Day!

    great work !!!