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  1. DaybyDayVlogs

    Does this actually work?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this actually works? I posted a video, one I have had on my YouTube channel on youtube I got 4k views and since I posted it here I got no more views. So was this a total waste of time? and how do I get my video back if it is. Thanks!
  2. DaybyDayVlogs

    How does Rumble actually work?

    Is there any info regarding what it actually does. I have a youtube channel and I want to post a video on here, so would I still make money off the video from youtube? and make more off this site when I post the same video? What is the pay split with Rumble? thanks for any assistance or...
  3. DaybyDayVlogs

    How to earn money @rumble

    If i could get a copy of that document as well Thanx