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  1. tolerantxero

    Have a question? Use the search feature to see if it has been asked before.

    Sometimes users will ask questions have have been answered in the past. Use the search bar at the top of the forum to search for keywords. If you cannot find an answer, feel free to make a post and we will do our best to answer it. Rumble on Rumblers!
  2. tolerantxero

    Custom thumbnails are here.

    When you upload a video to Rumble, you are now able to select a custom thumbnail.
  3. tolerantxero

    Understanding how the new Rumble works.
  4. tolerantxero

    What brought you to Rumble?

    How did you get here? Rumble contact? Referral?
  5. tolerantxero

    Sold Videos - number of distributions

    I guess that would be the name of it. Would it be possible to get a tally under the videos sold by the video, how many times it was picked up by someone. I know there is the AOL/Yahoo stuff but isn't there other smaller places that pick them up too? It would be sweet to be able to see when a...
  6. tolerantxero

    Happy Holidays

    Hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday. See you on the flip side.
  7. tolerantxero

    Video was sold, but see no activity with it.

    I received nothing about limited distribution. Sold back in September. The description hasn't change and I haven't seen anything done with it. What's up with that?
  8. tolerantxero

    Where do you share your videos?

    Do you just share on Facebook or do you have a certain platform you use?
  9. tolerantxero

    After the 120 days.

    Do you receive payment after the 120 days when you do video management or do you have to wait until the next quarter?
  10. tolerantxero

    Referrals are harder to get than subscribers.

    How many hits compared to referrals does everyone have? I'm currently at 43 hits with 1 referral.