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    Conspiracy theory related content and

    Voila.. please be honest and transparent in the future. I appreciate that more. Is my content treated the same? The answer is no. Why, because it's about unidentified flying objects or other mysteries. So censorship. Here's the thing, one partner don't want my content that doesn't mean others...
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    Conspiracy theory related content and

    With all due respect, your reaction contradicts yourself. I feel that you are not entirely honest in your response. My thread clearly states that conspiracy related content is treated differently as you indicated in the email from Thu, Sep 19, 10:24 PM. Restricting certain content from your...
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    Conspiracy theory related content and

    I have learned that videos about the paranormal or extraterrestrial, also known as "conspiracy content", are not fully distributed because one of Rumble's partners no longer accepts this type of content. My series of videos were all only accepted for limited distribution, with the result that...
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    Strange Activity Caught on Camera in Motel Room 66

    I have a peer-to-peer group consisting of 14 people where we receive this type of content from people. They transfer title to us, making it possible for me to publish this on Rumble to get more input. The video below is one of them...
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    Can a Popular YouTube Channel Benefit From Rumble?

    The answer is yes & no. Large media companies joined Rumble too such as Reuters, KMTV, etc. "We currently don't charge news outlets to share any of our videos," wow you've missed a lost revenue. I've sold my videos to the media for a price between 50 - 500EU per license (Before I joined...
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    Congratulations @BenW, you are the creator of the week!

    Wiiii @BenW now you're famous. I want your autograph on my shirt. ?
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    I believe this video is not original (Answered) I've seen this somewhere before. Anyone?
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    FTC fines Google/YouTube 170 million for COPPA violation

    YES!!! this is the karma YT deserves
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    Congratulations @BenW, you are the creator of the week!

    @BenW I'm happy for you Ben!
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    My pampered cat

    I like your pussy ?
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    Zen is Rumble's creater of the week

    hahah @DavidMcNab, on a whiskey bottle? :P @winkeldinkel super cool, did the same :D Thank yuuuu @sloggervlogger I will remember that even in my next life ?
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    Special Characters not displaying correctly: UTF-8?

    Wow you're faster than my shadow? . Great job!
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    Tips how to be found on Google and why you should write long video descriptions

    Hey hey Ben, true but also you can add additional information to add more value to your content. Google is all about user experience. Back in my old days I worked for Microsoft as content judge for Bing search engine. They are reviewing content because user experience is very important.