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    Cats and other stuff...

    Cats and other stuff...
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    NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!

    There are Rumble Tshirts available? Where can I get one??? Who is qualified to get one???
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    #21 Please return me the favour
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    I'm your number 3. Please sub back:
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    Subscribed back. #8 Who's next? -
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    I subbed you guys as well. Here is mine:
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble
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    Video visualization optimization?!

    @Mario : iframe is not allowed on Wordpress, due to safety reasons, so rumble player can't even work with embed code provided by rumble. Wordpress-cite:
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    Video visualization optimization?!

    Ok, I agree with videos can'tt be edited after upload. But how can you embed the rumble player in wordpress-basic (free version)? If you a have a business version, which costs you ca. 25€/month, you can install plugins (also a rumble plugin). But in basic it really doesn't work. Pls. see...
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    Video visualization optimization?!

    Hello Rumble-Team, I just uploaded a video, which is visualized verticallly instead of original format, which is horizontal: That makes it not quite as attractive as it actually is. Can you fix this? Thanks in...
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    New video uploaded

    New video uploaded
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    Video is shared a lot of times, but no views counted?

    I noticed, one of my videos has been shared about 400times on Facebook and also on other platforms. View count is in total only 707...that sounds like almost none compared to how often it was shared?!? Does anyone have similar problems and solutions for that? Here is the video I am talking...
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    Am I getting paid for FB posts that credit Rumble?

    I contacted now...see what's happening now...
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    No Earnings for Video views on Facebook and Amazon Prime?

    Hello Rumblers, I have seen my videos shared by rumble on rumble facebook paged with a lot of views. I also noticed my videos on amazon prime. How about the earnings for these pages? I did not receive anything for views occuring there. Another question regarding licensing. Did anyone...