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    How much i can earn on uploading each video made by me ?

    The majority of the approval process is automated, though there are quality control aspects in place that include human intervention. To date there is no way to see why it got rejected, the best thing you can do is talk to the community and ask for their input, perhaps compare your video to...
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    Rumble Defects, Deficiencies, Questions and Suggestions.

    I believe you would only get 1099s from a USA company.
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    If your video is in "Rumbling" for longer than say 2 weeks I would contact support to look into it. As for what is "Rumbling" cseh_17 explains it well except for the fact that the Rumbling process still utilizes the same automatic process from Pending. It just means that there is not enough...
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    How to Change the licensing of a video from Non-Exclusive to Video Management

    You currently can not change anything if the item is sold, it may have been an issue/bug in the past. Otherwise you are correct, you can change the license in the mobile app currently. Also, re-uploading is the fastest and most reliable way. If your video is sold, you will need to...
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    Using Rumble

    You can use "Tag Videos" to browse newer uploads, otherwise you can browse through using the main channels on the left or using the search at the top of the page. Also, always open to listening to suggestions on how things can be improved.