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    PubgMasterGame is our Creator of the Day!

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    Rumble's creator of the day

    Terrific! Biggest uploader on here ! Congrats again!
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    Videos will millions of views.

    Once you license with rumble they own distribution rights indefinitely. Also the 8 million views that you accrued prior to licensing here don't count on this platform. You only start to make money from the point your contract starts here. What royalties are you currently paying and to whom?
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    Great to be on the FrontPage!

    Terrific awesome video! Should be in a commercial!
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    video not uploading

    @sloggervlogger are you having any trouble with the drop-down menu where you filter for youtube, by video, date, etc on stats and analytics? None of them seem to move for me. I've tried on a phone and 3 browsers and no results.
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    Earnings Display

    Change is always an adjustment but I do like the new layout. It does look more polished. I'm sure they will get the bugs out soon.
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    Earnings Display

    I was able to do the all time and apply on a laptop. Haven't tried it on a phone yet.
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    Earnings Display

    It seems the page where your videos are displayed to the general public, you now only see the plays collected from the rumble website. The YouTube views are not included in the count. The only way to see the total views for all the videos is to click on "My Content"
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    Slipping Standards?

    Yeah the bar of soap might work, on a happier note the video has been removed. ❤️
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    Slipping Standards?

    Some people find that type of video amusing. I'm no prude but I think it's pretty low class and in some ways it has that scripted Jerry Springer show kind of feel to it. I don't even know what kind of ad placement you could stick on it. Maybe mobile home real estate. 😜
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    Slipping Standards?

    I don't quite get it? I watched the video without being logged in and saw zero ads playing on that one so how does it earn money on Rumble? Also, because they are one of the biggest suppliers of videos do they get a pass on the profanity rule that applies to the general creators? Just curious...
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    Slipping Standards?

    I just watched the video. This video does not appear to be approved and monetized from what I can tell. (I could be wrong about that) I don't think white trash videos are too advertiser friendly. lol
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    Creator of the day?!

    I believe it may be once a week currently...