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    What makes a Viral hit?

    My experience is: you can't will it to happen, it just does or it doesn't. There's no telling what the zeitgeist of the moment might be so just keep taking quality videos, put 'em up and hope for the best. Good luck!
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    Payment time.

    Actually it just got put in my PayPal this afternoon. Yay! The squeaky wheel I guess. But bottom line whoever is doing the accounting at Rumble needs to be fired and replaced. The company is young but it's not going to survive far without better relationships with their content providers. It's...
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    Payment time.

    To the powers that be: Can I expect payment into my PayPal today? I was emailed about three weeks ago (in response to a query I sent MONTHS ago) and was told there was a problem with the ledger on my account but it has been straightened out and to go ahead and submit for cash out again. We are...