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    Time to Rumble your video (NEW)

    excited to register --- then saw the error : "This item is not available in your country" (Philippines)
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    NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!

    Thanks for picking me last December 25! I feel so honored. :love::love::love::love::love:
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    We are lucky that the first buyer rejected Sefid.
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    Promising start and then practically nothing....

    My earnings declined too but that is because I was not able to get front page promotion for the last two weeks. We'll be uploading more next week. We love rumble :)
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    Follow me and you with me

    subbed ---
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    Rumble Claimed YouTube Videos NOT monetized on YouTube?

    Some of my videos earned YouTube revenue even if my channel is not monetized and some of our subscribers were asking me if my channel is already monetized because they saw ads served on my videos. It seems though that lately, according to some of our subscribers, ads are not showing anymore on...
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    Thank you Rumble

    Wow! Congratulations for your success here in rumble. We are inspired. Enjoy your vacation!
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    Share Train Thread

    Thank you, I gave you fb like :) , tweeted and pinned :)
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    Share Train Thread

    Let's participate honestly. Share one link to your video. Participants will have to click the link, watch and share it to AT LEAST 2 of their social network (twitter, pinterest, facebook or reddit) Subscribe to the channel if you have not yet subbed. Revisit the thread for new...
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    Rainbow captured by drone

    We took this video on Christmas day 2017. (Do not forget to subscribe. I always sub back and I'll share your video on twitter and pinterest.
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    Please subscribe

    @agnee , we subbed to you when we watched and commented on your latest video :)
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    Referrals are harder to get than subscribers.

    Oh my! 528 impressions and 23 referrals. I would think that some came to know about rumble first thru you but did not use your referral when they joined.