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    jnrgreenscapes is our Winner of the Day! Congratulations!

    So when I woke up this morning I had noticed there was $50 added to my account and So i cashed out and since there was a payment pending it was added to it and I have already received I see $50 sitting in my account but I’m pretty sure I already cashed it out ..Not that I don’t like free...
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    Microsoft Numbers

    Do NOT click that link
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    Have a question? Use the search feature to see if it has been asked before.

    Sometimes users will ask questions have have been answered in the past. Use the search bar at the top of the forum to search for keywords. If you cannot find an answer, feel free to make a post and we will do our best to answer it. Rumble on Rumblers!
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    Rumble Inc. Content-ID claim on my own content

    Reading and understanding this would clear up all the confusion.
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    YouTube views and earnings is stuck at 20th of March

    The issue has been submitted to the team to get taken care of.
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    Thousands of 3rd party views suddenly appeared on my videos

    What I don't like about 3rd parties is that they are in no rush to pay out but it's always nice when it does.
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    Payment time.

    When did you hit the cash out button?
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    Payment time.

    Payout looks accurate. Was this through YouTube earnings?
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    Custom thumbnails are here.

    When you upload a video to Rumble, you are now able to select a custom thumbnail.
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    Yahoo Numbers

    They don't have to show us the numbers, That is why we use Rumble, they take care of it for us.
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    Yahoo Numbers

    Yahoo has stopped reporting numbers.
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    Should I monetize on YouTube while I wait for Rumble to buy the video?

    With my experience with all the other companies, Rumble is by far the best by leaps and bounds.
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    Should I monetize on YouTube while I wait for Rumble to buy the video?

    What I do, I monetize immediately and then if Rumble picks it up, then they will take over from there. Monetize immediately that way you don't lose out on any revenue earned. It'll just go to your AdSense until Rumble picks it up.
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    Money per views (How is your video performing on the different platforms?)

    Google search the title of the video.