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    Can't upload a video?

    Thanks for the response guys, Have also mailed Rumble
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    Can't upload a video?

    Good morning Tried uploading a video to my channel, as usual, filled in all the boxes, but the video failed to upload? Tried multiple videos and variations but they don't seem to upload Any help?
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    Rumble Earnings and Cash Out?

    ah ok, I just didn't know if the rumble earnings were mine. At the moment it stays I have $113 in the rumble earnings but only $0.30 to cash out...
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    Rumble Earnings and Cash Out?

    Hello! So I'm making a decent amount on my Rumble Earnings, but the account overview says I have VERY little to cash out? Do I not make the Rumble Earnings ? Or is that just telling me how much Rumble are earning from my videos? If so, I think it's slightly unfair Thanks
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    Difference between plays and views? (PlayRate %)

    Hello! quick question. My channel seems to get a lot of views but hardly any plays.. Can you distinguish the differences between the two? Im assuming views is clicks onto the channel and plays are people actually watching? Thanks! SWNS
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    Difference Between Rumble Player and Other Categories

    Hi Mario Thanks for your response, just wanted to clarify! Have a good day
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    Difference Between Rumble Player and Other Categories

    Hello, very new to this all, don't really know the lingo! but I will try. What is the difference between using the Rumble Player or the monetised version?? Will I still make money from the rumbleplayer version? Thanks
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    How to earn money @rumble

    Hi David, Could you also send to me too?
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    Pending videos

    If you click on my channel from account, you need to click the word 'Add' .. Then you click on the videos you want to add to your channel - It's pending for YOUR approval