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    News clips flooding the Latest feed

    Rumble, why do you allow all these useless news clips to clog up the Latest feed? Are these not jamming your server space with videos that nobody watches? It also buries legitimate videos created by the Creators of Rumble. In addition - wouldn't these all be copyright protected by each of the...
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    Thank you David for visiting the Toronto office!!!

    As I've always said - David is da' Man!
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    Dropping in at Rumble Head Office

    David taught me everything I know about Rumble!
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    About Earnings

    Dave for Rumble VP of Marketing! Can I have a seconder?!
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    Rumble earnings

    Around June 1st mine came to a dead stop. I was doing around $5-10/day pre-June, but now I'm around 20 cents a day. My latest video appeared on 14 MSN sites when it went live and I Googled it in the beginning of June, but I haven't seen a single stat show up which is very odd considering it...
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    The subscribers club

    I'm all caught up now as well. Thanks cseh_17!
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    Looking for subscribers!

    Thank for the sub AlviCat - I've just subbed back. Have a great day!
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    Looking for subscribers!

    Just subbed you! Please do the same :)
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    Question about music in video

    Everyone should have a look at Audio Blocks . It’s what I’ve been using on my videos.
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    Rumble to Invest $20M in its Video Community as it Broadens User Base

    Wait. Hold the buses! Chris is going to be speaking about Blockchain at NAB!? Now I really want to know what you guys are up to! :)
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    Rumble Fever

    Lmao - that's my Rumble experience in a nutshell!
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    Rumble to Invest $20M in its Video Community as it Broadens User Base

    I'm curious to know where that $20 million investment will be spent within Rumble? Do tell, do tell! Lol
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    Pending Videos

    I have seen both * as well as ** . I think ** means it's definitely going to Limited Distribution. Does the single * mean it's going to be reviewed by a human first? Anyone know?
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    Looking for subscribers!

    Agnee - I've subscribed. Hopefully I haven't missed anyone!