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  • @chrisrumble this is great news! You know, Chris with less then $5M of your investment me, my team & my celebrity clients could triple your user base & double your OVERALL video views... You should also take into consideration the coming refugees from the next phase of YouTube's plan to phase out ADS on their platform. The very top creators are now expanding onto Twitch for a reason. I can't tell you all that i know, but because of the coming fall of Facebook & the Internet Bill Of Rights, currently being drafted, etc. YouTube is fast-pacing their move to a subscriber based platform. NO one will be able to watch videos on YT for free beginning this summer, something that is 2 years ahead of schedule. Let's just say that besides my HUGE YouTuber clients, my insider connections & those who are BETA testing what's next, i have a jump on what's happening.

    I would love to talk to you at length regarding these things... Let's hope this post doesn't get purged...

    Skype: somethingnewnow
    I am concerned about the censorship within this community so far...
    Hello there,
    Believe me if I tell you that peace is all that the world need.
    Browse my website and you will see more about that. You are welcome :

    Best regards.
    Hicham Oulrhazi.
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