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  • Most people enjoy a good birthday celebration, especially if it's their birthday people are celebrating.

    RitaAnn~ and Senior Birthdays
    It's no different when you hit those upper yr. birthdays when there's not many people left to celebrate your birthdays with. Unfortunately, many seniors become depressed and feel more alone than ever around holidays and especially birthdays as there is no one to celebrate with when your friends and family have passed away.

    With that said, I'd like to share some links, and would like you to also join in with me, in celebrating those over the age of 50.

    If you are celebrating a birthday (yours or someone else's) over the age of 50, I'd love for you to add to the historical as well value of this page.

    That's me in the photo above. In my 'jammies' sitting in bed.
    I work from home writing about different things, sharing products and services, working on online projects, or surfing around on the internet.

    It's what I enjoy doing and have been doing for many years. So when I came across the video below, I felt so strongly that I wanted to do something just a little different as well as invite others to participate.

    So, here goes the celebration for those over 50 on their birthday or sharing their birthday celebrations.

    To view the video below, start by clicking this sentence then register at the site
    Go check your email and verify it by clicking the link.

    Then, if you would like to see the video as well as cheer Mr. Haze on, follow the steps above, then see more about him here.

    Mr. Haze, is 80 yrs. old and still uses his gifts of organization and cleanliness at a local school.

    The video is sharing with you what one person can do when they are kind to others as well as take time out for others.

    If you have a special birthday to share, add the information in the comment section below.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your special celebration,

    ...on rumble

    PS. Share your over the age of 50 pics, stories and videos here.

    PSS. Don't forget to cheer everyone on when reading the over 50 birthday celebration stories here.

    PSS. I'm so excited!
    I had to say that out loud. :)
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