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    Promoting videos for more earnings.

    Sometimes, by the time my video is reviewed and accepted by rumble, the YT version that I upload right before or at the same time gets thousands of views on my YT channel. So thats missed money from Rumble. I was wondering. Is it okay (and better) when I publish the vid on YT, to have it posted...
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    Promoting videos for more earnings.

    How would I promote a rumble video on Instagram? It allows you to post a photo or video from your phone … but I don't see how to post a link or embedd?
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    Free Music for Background.

    Yah YT leads you to think it's okay to use some popular music (as they put up ads for the artist, links etc) but not to monetize it. That makes me nervous. Because they way they word it .. it's vague and I'm left with, well can I or can I not use it (without monetization of course)?! And what...
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    Best Free Music Websites

    I'm still seeking. It has to be free for me (no paid subscription and no paying for the song). I was using YouTube, but now someone had brought up a possible issue. Which is "what if" that music is only licensed through YouTube use and I can only use that free music on YouTube, not elsewhere...
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    Rumble's creator of the day

    Woo hoo!!
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    A Good News

    Following to find out why YT dis this. Ive read that this specifally has happened to others. I know a famous channel on youtube, trainer tips, has been there for many years, 0 strikes, and is a simple gaming advice video for the family. One day bam. Luckily because he has ties it got...
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    Scheduling is great. I have slow and fast weeks. One week Ill have no videos, another Ill have 5. O cam even them out. And then when Im busy or away, Im covered because I can have everything done way ahead of time.
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    Rumble's creator of the day

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    Views/Plays Not Showing Up?

    AH! Checked back today just as I was going to do as suggested (mail support) and the views are over a million! Yesssssssss. That seems more like it. Thanks guys!
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    Dang it. Super success on a video on YT, but didn't take off here.

    Thanks so much for both replies. Answered ALL my questions. 😉
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    Anyone using Reddit?

    Okay, so Im not missing much by not using it. Thanks.
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    Dang it. Super success on a video on YT, but didn't take off here.

    Oh crap. If so that explains a lot. What is the specific diff between views and plays btw?
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    Anyone using Reddit?

    Is it working well for you? I find the site very confusing. I've tried many times to finagle through it. The interface is so weird. Anyway, I wish I could figure out how to use it to promote my vids.
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    Dang it. Super success on a video on YT, but didn't take off here.

    My vid is about to cross a million on my YT channel. Rumble was so kind as to accept full distribution and put it on front page (I think it was on front page, it was def in Editors picks). But it barely got over 3000 views. Almost all my videos here reflected what they did on my YT site...