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    1970's inkwell

    Made in USSR ➡
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    German WW2 infantry helmet found in the ground

    The helmet presented in the video, presumably from the Second World War, was found on the territory of the former USSR. After the Second World War, people did everything from these helmets: night vases, pots...
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    profit sharing for my upload and $0.14 earned ? is it possible ?

    that's very interesting also to me )
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    profit sharing for my upload and $0.14 earned ? is it possible ?

    Two years ago, after downloading the video, I received an email: " Congratulations, you have been approved for profit sharing for your upload "Dove without an eye ". Our editorial staff just selected this content to be featured on our front page and promoted with our partners. If you are...
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    Giant Predaceous Diving Beetle eat fish

    Fierce predators, these beetles do not hesitate to attack prey larger then themselves, including small fish, tadpoles and frogs.
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    The cat plays with the June bug (european chafer) | Slow motion

    When we gave the cat a beetle, she began to play with him like a mouse.
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    I met a man strikingly similar to Chuck Norris! I want to ask him for an autograph, but I'm afraid to get a Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick !)
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    When the cat does not want to communicate with the cat

    It was a cat's marriage game))
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    Praying Mantis vs Man

    The mantis will attack anything that moves. The size in this case does not matter. I learned this from my own experience when I was shooting a praying mantis, but he suddenly attacked me and ... began to eat my finger. It felt like it didn't hurt, it was just ticklish. But if I gave him more...
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    How the female praying mantis eats the male mantis

    This natural behavior of praying mantis in the nature of which I was able to make the video at home. ↘️
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    Geckos from Vietnamese tinctures 1994

    I smashed a bottle from the Vietnamese tincture and took out two geckos that had already turned into mummies. After all, this tincture was made in 1994. not for the faint of heart
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    how my cat catches mice

    Video shot in the village, where the divorced a lot of mice, but cats are not in a hurry to catch them. ?epic video ending.
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    Great to be on the FrontPage!

    Congratulations ?
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    video not uploading

    Hooray, everything worked for me!) The problem disappeared.