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    I have stopped receiving money for a video that is still getting 100k views a month

    I don't see why your video would have no ads... I would contact support and ask them about it.
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    Understanding how the new Rumble works.

    Such an old thread brought back to life... hehe
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    My earnings wiped out.

    I'm glad it's back to normal! =)
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    Limited distribution

    You can delete it as long as you haven't accepted Limited Distribution.
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    Delete account

    Deleting it wouldn't make any difference.
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    My earnings wiped out.

    Check your transactions, but I would email support.
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    My video has not been uploaded to YouTube

    Like Mario said, only videos approved for Full Distribution are uploaded to the YouTube channel; videos approved for Limited Distribution are not.
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    Current Profit Sharing/Full Distribution videos?

    I actually feel like it's the other way around for me... ever since I started writing 300 words descriptions, only one of the video I uploaded as Video Manager didn't get Full Distribution... although I haven't posted many this year...
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    Why am i a "creator" ?

    Haha, good one! ;)
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    Creator of the day?

    Yeah, I came here to ask the same thing... I really hope it's still a thing!
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    Copyright on Youtube

    Limited Distribution videos used to get uploaded to a different YT channel... I don't know what's like now...
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    Copyright on Youtube

    Did it get full or limited distribution?
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    Copyright on Youtube

    Well, which licensing did you choose?
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    How long do videos pend?

    It happens to all of us, every once in a while...
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    How long do videos pend?

    Haha, I wouldn't try that...