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    @sloggervlogger Yes Right, I agreed with yours. No payment received last day
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    3rd Party Payouts?

    @Mario My Last 3party Earning & Views on December 2016 after that no any views and earnings last 9 Months.
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    YouTube Views not appear on my Channel.

    @asif plz contact @Mario
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    YouTube Views not appear on my Channel.

    @asif mostly youtube views take 5 to 7 Days appear on your account.
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    third party

    i receive last 3rd Party payment in December 2016. after that no my stats is update or received a Payment last 9 Months.
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    Rumble has not been claiming my YouTube video.

    Yes Same issue with My Channel rumble not Claim my 2 last Videos on My Youtube Channel.
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    What is Views Count Policy.

    @Mario Thanks Understand
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    What is Views Count Policy.

    @Mario @DavidMcNab WHAT IS BEST FOR INCREASE views and Share rumble browser link Or Embedded Link
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    What is Views Count Policy.

    Hi Community any one Know what is View Count Policy. i am share My videos links on facebook,whatsapp groups and also email But in rumble stats only increase 5 to 6 views daily yesterday my 100+ friends watch my video but in rumble they increase only 3 views. i am share explore bar...
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    What is Virality ?

    Thanks @Mario
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    What is Virality ?

    What is Virality because my channel Videos show some 7% virality, Some 33% Virality , Some 100% Virality, plz some one brief me what is Virality . @Mario
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    My video is missing from admin "All video" section

    also My video is missing
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    Full Distribution acceptance policy

    last 6 month not single video accepted full distribution last year 2016 rumble accept 8 videos for full distribution
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    Youtube boycott hits Rumble hard too

    also, my youtube earnings are also worst in that Month.