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    How long do videos pend?

    it's too bad
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    Time to consider a new site

    well we still not 100% sure as some accounts work and others not receiving monetization from rumble yt
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    What is auto Syndication Tab?

    yeah it's good tap for auto upload to 5 different platforms
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    Top earner

    wooow great
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    Third party payout late?

    so when i use management options or full management how long does it take for 3rd party to accept an video ?
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    Third party payout late?

    yeah it's too bad
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    I do not know why was rejected

    u can refer back to rumble support for more explanation
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    Licensing info in YouTube video descriptions

    yeah good one that helps a lot
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    What will happen when I click upload ?

    great answer to explain the uploading method !!!
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    Rumble Newsletter Thoughts

    great point of view