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    Third party payout late?

    Can anyone explain me how does 3rd party views/pays works, I just got 643 views for december and some ammount of $, is that for whole month December I got, or it will go up next days? These are my first 3rd party views thast why I ask :-) Thanks
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    Stats and Analytics seem to be missing info now

    Maybe off-topic, but why my video stopped getting views the last 5 months, It was going great each month, and now these last 5 months I have about 1000 views. Numbers before were much great than these. :-)
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    October Third Party?

    I know I have to wait, but just wanted to know does my video will take some 3rd party views :-)
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    October Third Party?

    Hey there, I am new here and can you tell me please if my video will get some 3rd party payments? I have no views under the 3rd party chart yet.
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    Information on third partycpm and view count

    Since I uploaded my first video passed 25 weeks but still nothing from 3rd party payments, the video is uploaded December 2017, any news when we will see the 3rd party payments? :-) Thanks
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    Missing money on Payoneer

    I have the same problem with Payoneer this month? Anyone found out what could be the problem?
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    Is this the fastest cashier in the world?

    Is this the fastest cashier in the world? :-)
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    Rumble payments March 2018

    Sorry, I meant for February not March. :-)
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    Rumble payments March 2018

    Hello, I Still did not get any of payments for March. From rumble said that the payment was successfuly from their side and I Should ask payoneer. Any other having the same problem like me? I usually get the payments the second friday after I cash out, but not this last time.
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    How to earn money @rumble

    Hey, can you send me the document? Thanks :-)