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    Rumble is LIVE on YouTube right now.

    View: It's called Rumble TV and is a video TV show for waiting rooms, bars & restaurants.
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    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    It happens on desktop too. I'm on an iMac using Chrome.
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    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    Still not working @chrisrumble. I get the same error message and can't give rumbles at all. Another thing that it does... when the video completes it goes to the next video, but the title and description stays the same. Also, the links on the "Related videos" don't work at all. I touch them...
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    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    @Mario in addition to the comments above, If this new "Rumble" feature is to take hold, I'd like to see it mobile friendly to give Rumbles and reply to comments. I am using an iPhone 8. When I click on the video link in the email I receive, it opens the Rumble app to the video page. (I am logged...
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    Introducing a new feature: “Rumbles”

    I'd also like to know more info as @sloggervlogger inquired. Does this all take place on our Rumble channel? Are we now supposed to drive traffic there and ask folks to + or - the video? I've always promoted the Rumble Viral video. To ask people to do both seems redundant. Please tell us how...
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    Links don't work on Rumble Update emails

    I see it now. Thanks @BenW! I was looking at the dropdown menu of the main page where all the subscriptions are listed.
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    Links don't work on Rumble Update emails

    @Mario The Rumble Update emails I get don't have working links to the videos. Wondering if you all were aware of the problem. Also, the new site design is awesome, but did you forget to include a link to the community forum or am I not looking in the right place? I had to use my browser history...
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    New IOS App Update

    Thank you @Mario! You and the Rumble team are terrific!
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    Promotion of videos on Rumble Viral YouTube

    Correct! @DavidMcNab! I've had videos sit for years, then all of a sudden they get a mention or a share and they take off. All it takes is getting eyes on those vids at the right time.
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    New IOS App Update

    @Mario can you give @sloggervlogger any info about future features added to the app? It's a nice app, but really miss some of the older features.
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    Time to consider a new site

    @DavidMcNab is right on! I've been on Rumble since July of 2016. I've been monetized on YouTube since April of 2009. Comparing the last 2 1/2 years, I have made 3 times the amount of money on Rumble than on YouTube. That said, EVERYTHING goes up and down. Diversify! I still do YouTube because I...
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    New IOS App Update

    Yes, I like it too. Lots of good features. However I miss seeing the "all videos" with their status: live, pending, or rumbling. Stats & analytics would be great too. Are these features planned for future updates @Mario ?
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    Hilarious Cat DESTROYS Wooden Tower

    Hi there fellow parrot parront! I loved watching Maui! She's so cute! I've subscribed! I do have a few suggestions for you. These apply mostly for YouTube. The first is you need to be focused. (Especially on YouTube.) You need to have separate channels for each of your topics. Pets, Skin Care...
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    Thank you Rumble!

    Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!
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    JeremyandLuigi is our Winner of the Day!

    I'm late to this party too! Congrats! Jeremy and Luigi are two adorable cats!