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    I need an Einstein Parrot fix every day! The coolest bird I know. Definitely a great channel to subscribe to an learn from. Don't forget to dish out the rumbles.
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    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    I think you're very correct. The surprising part for me is that it's so easy to have it detected and shut down, yet they still try.
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    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    I wonder if people would try to screen shot a painting and then sell copies. Would they retype a novel and try to publish it? Why does the idea of stealing videos seem like a proper business model for some people? It's so easy to get a camera and go out looking for interesting things to record...
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    I had the same issue. It was a video of ducks, I think.
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    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    Was the entire content of the video your own? DMCA is a company that gets hired to deal with stolen video content claims.
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    Minimize tax payment on Rumble earnings

    I've been fortunate enough to make sufficient money with Rumble to have the Canada Revenue Agency wanting their share. It's actually a good problem to have. And it's easy to keep a good portion of your earnings if you have the same problem. Video production is a very good profession for...
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    Where Are The 1099s

    I'm not sure we get those. It is PayPal's practice to report income for business accounts to your tax collectors, at least in Canada. I'm not sure about personal accounts. You can declare your income without at tax form, which might be wise. There may be a minimum amount that sets the bar on...
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    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    How do you see the third party views? Typically, it's at least 8-10 months for earnings to arrive, and sometimes longer.
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    Thanks Ben. Your technical know how and approach to questions is always helpful!
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    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    Ben's channel is a good one to have fun watching, and also to learn from :)
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    Negative Rumbles?

    Don't worry about the Rumble battles votes. Your main goal is to create videos that make a point, tell a story, express your views, entertain the world, and make money. The battles are specific to the audience reaction to the first five seconds of a video. The world might have expected something...
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    Negative Rumbles?

    I think we owe it to everyone to vote based on reaction to the video and not on trying to win the $5. For me, it's not enough money to buy my vote. I hope it's not enough to buy the votes of anybody :)
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    Limited distribution emails

    Once you accept limited, it's on there forever. But I've had a few videos make me money despite being limited. And now, some limited distribution videos may find their way to a Rumble YouTube channel for specific content. Those channels can have high ECPM and make you decent money despite the...
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    I always hope for full distribution, like everyone else. At first, the approvals were limited more often. But as you build your channel and following, your chances will likely go up. Always aim for highest quality content.
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    Newbie User - Negative Rumbles Help

    I've felt the pain of the negative Rumbles too. The internet can be harsh. But remember that your goals when uploading here are to produce something that tells your story, educates the world, inspires people, or entertains them, all the while making money and having fun. The template for a...