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  • Thanks tootseens. I've been helped here by others and I'm happy to do the same. Rumble can pay very well if you learn the basics. Upload lots, never give up and keep learning :)
    Send me your email address and I'll chat with you about something that can help you.
    Hi David,

    I had been reading threads in the forum and I am impressed on how you answer and react. You write with tact, precision and care. You must be spending considerable time helping others in the forum.

    I'm new to rumble and I learned much from reading your posts in the community threads. Thank you.
    Hi David!
    I'm new at Rumble. Kindly email me the documents of How could I earn money from Rumble by posting my videos.
    My email: wcecogo@yahoo.com
    Thank you very much!
    Hello David ! My name is Iveta and I'm new to this Romble. I added the first videos 13.02.18)))) and unfortunately I realized too late that I didn't have to accept Limited Distribution(((((((((( from 7 my videos brings income now only one.... what to do with the other and will they ever in the future to have an income I don't understand.... sorry, I probably wrote too much unnecessary information for you, in fact I just saw on the forum that you are a very active and friendly person and happy to help beginners get started on the website :) I also would very much like to get a copy of the document to understand all the intricacies Romble. I will be very grateful in advance thank you very much!!! my mail - ivettuska@mail.ru
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