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    Limited Distribution Licensing

    I have 2 videos that earned 300$+. It is a real loterry, but sometimes worth the try :)
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    Account update?

    If there are a lot of views, but no $, it means that the views could come from YT, and are views made before Rumble started managing your video, which unfortunetly also means, that you won't get paid for them.
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    Public domain in the USA.

    What exactly do you mean by public domain?
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    Creative Commons.

    If it is not your video, no.
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    Rumble eCPM

    Keep in mind, that Rumble became huge. When I started here, there were maybe 1/3 of the users today, and therefore more to divide among less. So accordingly the eCPM's were higher for everyone. Now we are going in the direction YT was. The eCPMs are low, because there is a lot of content to make...
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    Video still pending

    It's kind of 'bad' if you have the * though ;)
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    My Licenses

    On the other hand, a tab for creators, to see who licensed their video (beside the big ones) would be very handy and usefull.
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    Seems to be a lot of spam in the forums.

    I deleted, and banned all the spammers that were active this morning. Let's see if it stays calm from now on.
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    New here with questions on my live video stats

    I am not sure that is correct! A view, is when someone somewhere got your video displayed on their screen, but did not interacted with it. A play on the other had, is a view that got played, and someone actually watched your video. The parameter that actually shows you on how many plays an ad...
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    Information on third partycpm and view count

    Any update on this? It affects me as well.
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    New to Rumble - Interested in Buying Videos

    I think you are in the right place. This is the place to license videos legally.
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    Total Views is STILL not accurate

    From what I noticed, only YT and Rumble counters are displayed. This is new. For me is still not clear: the MSN views are counted into Rumble or still counted as 3rd party, and therefore seperatly? And if they count as Rumble, are they live?
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    I was very discouraged, The number of videos I watch a lot from youtube that I have no money,

    You should maybe check the source of the views as well. Not all views, also bring earnings too.
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    Yahoo viral video

    My all-time YT is 0.08. I never made big money from YT. But on the other hand my Rumble ECPM was double digits sometime this year. Now, is back down. My last 2 months were almost nothing, unfortunately.
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    The subscribers club

    So guys! I have just uploaded the list with the new users! Keep subscribing ;)