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    cseh_17 is our Creator of the Day winner! Congratulations!

    Tanks for you messages! I appreciate it a lot!
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    How long do videos pend?

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    How to delete live video with 0 views

    So if your video gets limited, you basically still own it, and can share it on other platforms as well.
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    Video descriptions for Rumble

    It's not about being or not important. It is about a gut SEO and how Google will index you video. It is in everybody's good interest, that the videos rank good on Google and get a good display.
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    Monetize videos that i have permission to use

    The problem is not that simple. The copyright is not an in stop graved right. You can give up on it, just as we do to Rumble. (theoretically) We still (kind of) own the videos, but Rumble earns money with them. For us and themselves as well. So basically, if you take a video from someone, and...
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    Random payment with no description

    The eCPM is just an automatic calculation, and should be ignored. This being a fix earning, it has no eCPM.
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    cseh_17 is our Creator of the Day winner! Congratulations!

    Wohoo! Tanks a lot guys! Or as we would say it around here: DANKE! ;) I appreciate it a lot! Great to be part of the Rumble Family!!
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    BenW is Our Creator of the Day!

    Congrats from me too! ;)
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    Congratulations Tripwire!!! Our first creator of the week winner!

    Congratulations for both of you! @Tripwire @DavidMcNab @BenW Question: whats with the rotating little statues?
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    NEW RUMBLE NEWSLETTER - Top Videos, Top Creator and $50 a day for a the Winner!

    There was so much talk, and a lot of opinions flying around about the current newsletter (that btw, I haven't received in months), that I am actually really excited about this new format.
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    make money from iran? is it possible?

    @pedro1065 I would recommand to check Payoneer. I am almost sure that they support Iran as well.
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    Rumble Views Seems To Get Less And Less

    Well, what we all forget agian, is that we had introduced this new feature, that allows signed in users to not see ads. Which means, a growing Rumble and an intern circuit of content creators and content consumers are short-cutting themselfs. Meaning: if I watch any content of yours guys, you...
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    The subscribers club

    @Davinadang0205 I added you to the list!
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    Third party payout late?

    Too all this, you have to add the obvious naturla evolution of Rumble. We are probably more than double the users we were 2 years ago. Double the people compete for the same ammount of viewers out there. + the new feature that allows logged-in users to see ad-free videos also shows its...