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    How many earn via view ?

    Yes. But was your video already uploaded to YT before you uploaded it to Rumble?
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    Third party payout late?

    My highest ecpm for third-party was 19,xx$. However my average is 0,34$. Fun fact: the most I have earned with third-parties was with a ecpm of 0,35$.
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    And will it say Amazon or others near these payments?
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    How many earn via view ?

    I am almost sure, that the YT views are before Rumble, aren't they?
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    The subscribers club

    You are already on the list, so please don't post your channels link again and again. That may be unfair against the other users. Thank you! @shravankumarshrestha defenetly not with spamming. Please post in this topic only your channel and no other links to your videos. That would help you. We...
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    Wrong! The full distribution, is exactly acomaniated by the e-mail posted by @nicolas_constantinou . profit sharing = full distribution.
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    Top earner

    So a mystery I had form the beginning. This extra earnings, how do they show up on your earnings list? Dose it say the name of the company that monetised it, or it just appears under the category "others"?
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    About Earnings

    Well, my experience of 3-4 years, would say 3rd party would be like half of Rumble. But I started before Rumble earnings was a thing. On a shorter period, it may be diferent.
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    What can I say. If you have nothign better to do with your money, good luck. There are situations in life, when you just simply have to settel down, and admit that you were wrong, and accept the situation as it comes. At this point, you can still leave this disscusion with your head held up...
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    Top earner

    I've been around for 3-4 years, and none of my videos got picked up. One example is the user ultrahd. You can check out the other topic.
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    Top earner

    Either picket up by a TV show, or it is a glitch.
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    I got bored after 4 Minutes. So long story short: the 63mil views are BEFORE Rumble views, which obviously do not count for payments. Who want's to undesrtand that, will understand. Who dose not, won't. @winkeldinkel If I were you, I would sue the shit out of this guy, for what he said about you ;)
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    What I don't get is, why are you trying to do such a big deal out of this publicly. I think both parts said their point, everything beyond this point should be in private, in my oppinion. It would help you @ultrahd not turning everybody against you, without reason, and helping Rumble, not...
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    NEW FEATURE! - Content Contribution

    I would have a question: Let's say, I have a good video, that I want to upload. I am sure it will get full, but I have no inspiration at all. How do I proceed? 1. I upload the video with minimum description, and risk to not get the full distribution, however if it dose, it land automatically...
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    Videos pending for a week

    I get your point, but allow me to disagree. Holding on on something, just because we got used to it, is not how inovation works. Beside that, I was not talking about some huge change in the process. It is a simple icon color change, that belive me, would neither confuse you, nor create new...