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    30 million now. And how are you?

    Some day I hope I have a video with 1,000,000 views!
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    Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

    What is the referral percentage now?
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    Does Rumble allow affiliate marketing links in videos posted on their platform?

    You can have videos on YouTubd and Rumble at the same time. It's good to have both.
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    Promoting videos for more earnings.

    I hope I have a viral video some day. I'll keep trying until I get one.
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    Rumble Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome bro. I'm reading all the stuff here and they talk lots about it all so you can catch up too. People here help you lots. Good question.
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    I'm back to uploading videos

    It's been a while since I posted a video. I've been recording lots but didn't upload anything for a long time. It looks like things are going great for people. I am excited to start again! Watch out for BigSexysPlayground videos coming soon.
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    Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

    I'm not used to editing but it's good to see tips from you guys. Thank you.
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    Rumble Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Good news. You can earn on Rumble and Youtube at the same time. With the same video. I've been reading in the forum that you want to chose Exclusive Management to make the most money. But check. See if it's the best choice for you. You give Rumble permission to copyright your video on your own...
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    Thank you David for visiting the Toronto office!!!

    This is good encouragement. I can see that working hard pays off. It's good that Rumble staff has time to meet video creators and spend time helping them.