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    Video views flat lined at 1 year mark?

    Is it normal for video views to drop to nearly nothing at the 1 year mark? I have a video that was consistently seeing 1,200 + views per day and even as high as 6,000 then as soon as it hit 1 year they dropped to 15-30...
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    26 week - No 3rd Party anything

    Just saw my first 3rd party earnings posted and I have a question. The earnings had the month of September in brackets. Does that mean those earnings are for the month of September only? If so, should I expect to see further 3rd party earnings each month moving forward?
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    Wrong Payment Address

    @TiffanyTTse Thanks for the quick reply! I have sent accounting an email.
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    Wrong Payment Address

    I recently cashed out for the first time and realized I had put in an incorrect payment email address. I have since corrected the address on my account but how to I get the funds transferred again?