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    Copyright dispute

    Nevermind that was quick. That person released their copyright on my video.
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    Copyright dispute

    Someone by the name CollabDRM is trying to claim copy right on my most recent video on youtube. I am disputing it right now. Have nothing on there that they can say is theirs. Its of my husky smiling. I have giving Rumble the rights to post it. How can they claim my video?
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    Little help here bbtv.

    So we have been contacted from a company called BBtv about our youtube channel. Now most of our videos are not through rumble there but they are very limited on info about what exactly they do. Has anyone ever heard of them or about what they do? thanks
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    Facebook site shared my video but made their own version.

    So i came across a Facebook page that has shared my video and they added their own wording to it, which im fine with but they only put my YouTube user link under the description. so its not playing the video from rumble or my YouTube video. Should i report this or is there something im missing...
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    3rd Party Payouts?

    how long does it take to atleast see the possible payout from third party? cause we have one 3rd party that has over 4.6 million views from one of our videos but its not showing any third party earnings yet. Thanks
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    3rd parties want to use my video

    But they didn't go through you.
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    3rd parties want to use my video

    What if they already used it on their page? The dodo used my video.
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    3rd parties want to use my video

    How do I know if my videos are licensed by rumble?
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    3rd parties want to use my video

    I have been contacted by several 3rd party sites wanting to share my video on their site. Do I just give them permission? Or is there a process? I want to make sure I get paid for those views. I just no idea how to go about it.