Estimated Earnings vs. Finalized Earnings vs. Actual Balance to "Cash Out"

How long does it take "Estimated Earnings" to become "Finalized Earnings"?

And more importantly, how long does it take "Finalized Earnings" to show up in your balance so you can "Cash Out"?



  • Estimated earnings are the YT earnings + Rumble earnings. If you will watch carefully, you will see that by estimated and finished earnings the Rumble earnings are the same. This happens because you will receive the Rumble reports every 3 months only. (for now, this will change in the future).
    YT estimated earnings though, will need approximately 2 months (I received yesterday the one for January for example) to transfer into your finished earnings.
    Anyway, the cash out balance is exactly the finalized earnings + the TAG earnings from a while ago, if you did that, which fall into the other category earnings in Rumble, and are not showed in any of the 2 earnings balance.
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    Hmm but I have finalized earnings that are not in my cash out balance. Shouldn't they show up there?

    In other words I have finalized earnings that I can't seem to cash out.
  • @AndrewTeng
    Send me a print screen in private message, and I will try to explain it.
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    @cseh_17 can you tell me how I can win with this number of views on youtube?
  • @AndrewTeng Did you ever figure this out? I am also seeing two different figures for finalized earnings and cash out amount.
  • The administration is looking at the issue now. I will be sure to post outcome.
  • Could the difference be the 10% they take for youtube? The charts always show the youtube earnings including the 10%
  • The difference is 30%
  • Well My issue isn't the difference between "finalized" and "estimated" earnings. That breakdown is shown clearly in your "transactions" tab on the right.

    My issue is that I still have no cash out balance despite having finalized earnings. I haven't received any payments since my orignal upfront one.
  • I see @Andrewteng @Kendric for youtube they only take 10%
  • This is my first time cashing out on youtube earnings.. The amount that I cashed out should match my finalized youtube earnings that came through last week, right? Or am I misunderstanding something?
  • Not quite. The math is a bit more complicated than that. You see, your estimated earnings are the total 100% YT earnings. But, when the reports come in, and the transactions show up in your account, the total estimated balance is divided for each video you have, and for each video you become the 90%.
  • But "finalized earnings" should be the same that you ultimately cash out right?
  • Right, that's what I'm talking about. The finalized earnings have a different figure than the cashed out.
  • Do you remember when there was this 0.05$ for TAG-ing the videos? That money accumulated in a special category called "Other earnings" that is actually not showed anywhere, only in your cash out. When you are a member long enough, and you did used the feature, than that's why.
  • No, I've never tagged anything. These figures are being shown under "Finalized Earnings" as the "YouTube Earnings."
  • Are you showing any "pending" money on your cash out green bar at the top?
  • Yes, there is money "pending"
  • That's the amount that I cashed out, but it's different than the finalized youtube amount by about $150.
  • Doesn't sound right, hope you get it worked out and someone looks into it.
  • Thanks, hopefully. Everything is still a bit confusing.
  • @Kedric, when did the video get all the views? Was it within days or is it accumulated over time?
  • It's been over the past 5 or 6 weeks. Majority of views were in the first week or so, then tapered off, but still accumulating significant numbers.
  • @tolerantxero tell chris i love him and he should receive the flowers this week.
  • @Kedric, you should start seeing the YouTube profits in April if that's the case. I had a video get a lot of views in December and I got the money from it in March.
  • I already received youtube profits. But I see two separate figures: one figure for the youtube finalized earnings, and a different figure for the "cash out" amount. It's a significant difference between the two numbers, (not just 10%).
    Shouldn't these two numbers be the same? I am not referring to estimated figures, these are only the finalized and cash-out figures that I'm referring to here.
  • I'll send a pm w/ screenshot so you can see what I mean
  • Cash out amounts are the "current" money available to you. "finalized earnings" are the sum total of the current money and any past money. The cash out amount will not match the finalized earnings amount because finalized earnings will keep growing and "cash out" amounts will only reflect a certain time period. For example, my youtube money might be $100 this month but I also made $100 last month. Cash out will be $100 and finalized earnings will be $200.
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