Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

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Hi Rumblers,

We are happy to announce that starting today our registered users will be able to watch Rumble videos ad-free. After lengthy consideration, we feel this serves our audience better as it allows them to access our content instantly and transparently. Please note, this only applies to users that are logged in, so when you share your links with your friends, they will continue to get ads that will support your Rumble wallet.

In the same vein, in an effort to make the internet more transparent, we will be giving our creators an option to display how much they have earned on their video. By turning this option on, and showing the benefits of being Rumble'r, we will be giving participating users a 5% revenue boost on all future earnings for a limited time only

This feature is completely optional and it will only apply for earnings received from the day of activation. Since this feature is entirely optional, creators who wish for their earnings to remain private will be allowed to do so, the revenue boost will not be applied.

To activate the display of video earnings and to begin receiving an extra 5% revenue boost please go to your Account Settings page and toggle the display earnings. You can access this feature under "Revenue Opportunities" on your Account Settings page through this link:

Here's an example of what the public display of video earnings looks like:

We're happy to hear your feedback, and as always we're working for the betterment of the online creator community by pushing for changes that the bigger and more traditional video sites would deem too radical.

Love, Team Rumble!


  • Very interesting Rumble! You're definitely thinking outside the box! I'll play for the 5%! I will enjoy not having to watch the ads, but worry how it will effect my earnings.
  • I think I'll probably give it miss, but appreciate rumble coming up with new ideas. Rumble views account for most of my earnings and as I don't know the number of views that come from logged in users it's too much of a risk for me.
  • I activated the offer... nothing to hide as far as showing my earnings goes. I'll LOVE watching videos without ads now and guarantee I'll watch more since I won't have loud blaring ads waking everyone in the house as I browse the internet with my trusty companion, Insomnia. :)
  • Any idea of how long the limited time on this offer will be? Would love to give it a try but for how long?? Thanks!
  • @sloggervlogger Registered users account for less than 0.1% of revenue or less. It will be a negligible impact, this is why we chose to do it. At the same time, gives our loyal base a better experience.
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    @EmotionsofAfrica We are hoping for a very long time. Currently, we have no end date and if really works at growing our base, we will keep it for longer.

    Lets get people to #maketheswitch!
  • @chrisrumble Thank you for the info!
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    @chrisrumble Awesome, sounds great. Thanks for the response. Looking at the bigger picture it always makes sense to strive for a better customer experience and will make Rumble more unique compared to the rest. I’m in
  • @chrisrumble Does the public display of video earnings also include earnings from YouTube and 3rd party, or only Rumble earnings?
  • Looks like it is just rumble earnings @einsteinparrot. It would be smart to include ALL video earnings if you are trying to entice people to sign up based on how much money they can make!
  • I think it is unreliable to display data that you don't have control of. And anyhow for most of us here, Rumble generates the most revenue.
  • I've activated the new option as well. It seems like an overall win for everyone.
  • Since activating the new option for displayed earnings and a 5% earnings boost, I have noticed that the view counter on older videos no longer displays the total views, including YouTube views. It shows only the Rumble plays.
    I also found that a few months ago, it became impossible to see the chart that tells you which videos are performing well over the last day or last 7 days.
    Although I find most of the changes that occur are beneficial, these two changes will make it difficult for creators with multiple videos to gauge their success and see which of their videos is getting attention.

    Is there any chance of returning the ability to view stats as they were?
  • Which charts are you referring to Dave? I assume that you mean the analytics that breaks it down via rumble, YouTube, by referral and domain etc. or is this a different chart that I don't know about? I think it would be great if they did include YouTube views because it is Rumbles YouTube page and that would look a lot more impressive to people as far as potential new sign-ups on here.
  • Wow been looking at some of the top earners do they get that type of earnings for that amount of views are these rumble views and if so how on earth do they get that many views of my videos has over 10 million views and only 7 thousand of them are actually rumble views ???
  • i noticed one main change, is i can no longer see my approval percentage, or has it been moved somewhere i am not looking? As for the high earners, i still get surprised at some that seem to get full approval and some i submit that i feel will do not to bad, get the Limited bomb
  • Yes me too i feel some of mine will surely get full then they dont .....but all of them i think should get full seem to be doing extremely well off my you tube channel so i dont suppose it matters to much coz rumble might take them on fully if doing well from you tube but i do have a few questions that nobody seems to be able to answer for me about cpm ...i have been asking loads of people about this and all they ever say is that they are paid around 125cpm to 175cpm from you tube ànd more from rumble mine are as low as 24 cents cpm and on average 50 cents cpm question is , who and how are the cpm worked out and why is it that some people get paid a lot more than others, i no different ads pay different amounts but who decides which ads are placed on which video ?
  • @Winkeldinkel. There used to be a chart that simply displayed earnings for past 7 days, or 30, all time and so on. It was a quick tap on the app that I can use on the phone. Now, I have to check this on the PC. I suppose it gives roughly the same info but I found it much easier the other way.

    @cdngreenwaterdiver, I think the approval rating is gone. It was impossible for me to find about three months ago. I'd love to hear that it's visible somewhere else.
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    Wow.. this is really helpful and also inspiring. We can know which type of videos earns more also I started searching my old computer for the same kind of videos I recorded years ago.. and I'm sure my dog will be on camera most of the time.. haha

    Thanks Rumble and all Rumblers for the support specially @mario & @tripwire
  • Oh I see what you mean Dave. Best of luck with your new videos! @cdngreenwaterdiver I think they did away with that approval rating thing as it is not visible anywhere on the site . I don't think it was that important and really had little to do with your chances for full promotion. You either have a "hit" or you don't.
  • @Davidmcnab @cdngreenwaterdiver we've removed approval rating as we realized we had to rework the algorithm.
    I can keep you in the loop if we decide to re-release the approval rating.

    @Davidmcnab I wanted to confirm whether the chart you're looking for is the stats and analytics chart that provides the ability to display by past 7 days or 30 days earnings. Or if you're looking for the video transactions page. Please let me know as we know how these tools can be very useful for our creators and want to ensure it's accessibility.

    Thank you and I look forward to your feedback!
  • Thanks Tiffany. On my phone app, there used to be a button that would show earnings for the last day, 7 days, 30 days, all time etc.
    I could watch the earnings and then look to see where they were coming from by viewing "last 7 days". I can now see that info through a slightly longer process by looking at the "stats and analytics", but that's only available on the PC as far as I can tell.
  • @winkeldinkel true as to a hit or not, but it did or does appear the higher that rating, the easier it is to have videos get profit sharing status, lets see what the future holds, this becomes tough when your library shrinks ;-)
  • @TiffanyTTse , thanks, in reworking the algorithm you mention, i have noticed it seeming tougher to get footage approved for profit sharing on videos i have done that i have seen other that appear less or similarly interesting, but are making cash.
  • @cdngreenwaterdiver you are correct about that. Also, the bigger the site gets, the more competition we all have so we had better get busy. I haven't had much time to create but now that I have invested in a decent editing program, I hopefully can come up with some more material. Best of luck to all of us!
  • I notice that there seems to be a few different approaches to earning. Some of us "wait" for a video opportunity and then upload it and hope for big money.
    Others try to record a lot and then make numerous videos.
    I find that it has been working well for me to upload a steady stream. As Winkeldinkel says, some are hits, but I'm often surprised at what gets attention and what doesn't. Some of my "best works" take me many hours to create and they get diddleysquat for views.
    And others that are easy edits have made me a few hundred when I didn't expect it.
    The lesson for me is that it's unpredictable. Within reason, upload anything that seems worth trying.
    I also think that it's good to try for variety, even though I'll confess to having a lot more animal content than anything else.
    An added bonus is that I'm learning all sorts of cool (but maybe useless) facts about what I'm filming because of the requirement for a narrative.
    So I'm getting smarts and dollars at the same time. ;)
  • Good advice Dave! Nobody can fault you for lack of material!
  • winkeldinkel what software are you using now, i just have a macbook so i use imovie, seems not too bad and relatively easy to accomplish descent videos
  • one thing i forgot to ask/mention. Not really pertaining to this blog, but is anyone else noting very minimal to no income added to totals in the last couple months. Mine have incresed zero over the last 2 months, but when looking at views etc, those are show
    ing some ok numbers.
  • Mine has gone up steadily, but YouTube views seem to come sporadically.
    The view counters just don't seem reliable though.
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