Estimated earnings

Can anyone tell why my estimated earnings are going down!! This has never happened before, is this normal? Thanks


  • Same thing is happening to me...what's going on?
  • Is it! It's really not what u want to be seeing is it, is this rumbles Xmas present cos if it is it sucks rumble?!
  • Indeed =( I hope we are going to get an answer for this soon otherwise it is gonna be a bad start for Christmas.
  • Everytime I look at it it's gone down more! Scared to look anymore!
  • Mine dropped as well...
  • Hi everyone,

    The reason estimates earnings are not a final number is because we need to verify many factors that go into account towards your earnings, the most important but definitely not only one is invalid traffic adjustments.

    If you see your estimated earnings drop it mostly likely means there's been an adjustment done to your views because of bad traffic. This isn't money we're taking from you, is simply taken back by the advertisers because no one actually saw the video/ad played in this instance.

    Earnings verification is a process that's constantly ongoing and it makes sure that everyone is being paid fairly.

    Significantly high adjustments aren't as common but they do happen.

    For more about Invalid traffic adjustments you can read our other post:
  • Well thank you for the information. I had no idea about this, I'm sort of a new member here.
  • No problem, We're here to help!
  • Thanks for getting back to us, I do feel that it's the wrong way around to go about things tho, to make people think that they are going to get hundreds of £s more than they actually are going to get, I think rumble should under estimate rather than over
  • Huge bummer. my estimated earnings dropped over $1K.
  • Damn it. So sad. Almost 2000 dollars disappeared for me. I mean I totally get what you are saying. The money was never there. Oh well. Thanks for getting back to us. I shouldve checked here because I already sent an email to poor Mario.
  • Hi @RebeccaStout,

    No worries, this process should be done more often to avoid this specific scenario.

    The problem lies with the fact that views and earnings are reported immediately but adjustments come way after, so in Rumble and YouTube you can see your earnings within a few days max, while this reports are usually monthly. Add on top of that Two months worth of adjustments and it looks worse than if it had been done on par with the earnings reports.

    To be fair, like it was mentioned above, this earnings were never real. The advertisers and publishers will never pay for invalid traffic, but to determine it's invalid they need to prove it with compelling evidence, and that does take much longer than calculating the views/earnings of a video.
  • Thanks so very much for taking the time to clarify things so well. You answered a couple things I had wondered about. And thats why it seemed like the first time its happened to me. So in the back of my mind I kept thinking how on earth was 2000 dollars deemed invalid over night. I see why now. I'll def be more prepared later.
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