What doest it mean when it shows Rumbling on video before getting approved?

I was just wondering about it. When I see Rumbling on my video before It got approved.


  • After uploading and selecting your licensing option, videos get placed into a queue. In this queue an automated technology dubbed ‘Rumble Rank’ makes a decision on the value and virality of the content you uploaded, and if our Rumble Rank ‘likes’ the content, it will be sent to our newsroom for a final decision and audit. If for any reason Rumble Rank and/or editors are not certain (possibly due to not enough data) but they see potential value in your content,it will get placed into a separate queue called ‘Rumbling’. At this point your chances are pretty good that it will get approved, but still not certain. Most people can expect a reply within two weeks while rumbling, in some cases this can take longer.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!
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