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Does anyone have any stats on how much you tube views pay out, I know this is variable but roughly, for 1 million views ??


  • Usually around $1 cpm, but I have also seen much less (never much more)
  • Thankyou, although I have never been paid that, at the moment I have only been paid 25 cents, but I am hoping it just needs updating.
  • Never reached that number, I've been over 110.000 views once but that only made me 7 dollars.. Yes, seven. I'm still crying about that.
  • I average about $1.50 cpm from youtube, so I guess I am lucky. I would cry over the $7 too @doxiepom. That just isn’t right.
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    Really ? my average is only 60 cents and it is usually below 50 cents, I googled it and on there, nearly everywhere, they say roughly around 2000 dollars per million although it does depend on many factors (which I know) but for 1 million views I have been paid around 300 dollars, I am hoping though that it is just an estimate because it was near end of the month and when it was finally updated that is what I got but don't think it has been finalized yet?, but yes you are really lucky to get that , hope I do ....@morganmitchell
  • Did views get brought in from your own YouTube channel? When that happens to me where I had a significant number of views before it got brought to rumble the cpm shows a much smaller amount. On videos that are only on rumbles youtube, I’m getting 1.25-1.75 cpm. It does vary though, some with smaller number of views are around 0.65.
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    No not from my own channel it is from rumble's you tube, it got over 3 million views in a week, been paid similar, for them all and on another video that got over a million I got a little more for that one and wow never ever been paid that lol . Mine been as low as 16 cents .......Seems to be the more views I get the less cpm I get @morganmitchell
  • I had a case of bad timing I guess; when my video got that amount of views, it was right at the time back in April when there was so much to do about the advertising on YT, and several big advertisers neglected YouTube for a while.
  • @doxiepom you had the same exact timing as me. My video went viral in April and so I decided to become a youtube partner. I had other videos take off into the tens, even hundreds of thousands... so given the fact so many people actually make a meager living off of Youtube I was over the moon and waited for my cash out lol. Then I saw that I had just missed the boat with money because several months before Pewdie Pie hung us all with his racial speech leading to the avalanche of the larger advertisers pulling out. I don't know about you ... but I wanted to cry lol. There went my big dream. Thank gosh for Rumble. I use Youtube for a consistent few dollars and to get word out. I am struggling with learning how to make anything through secondary means there and trying to understand the intricacies of how to use affiliates, etc. But Rumble has made made my dream truly come true. I am earning nice money here and I hope to keep growing to make great money here. But I can't help to be SO disappointed about what happened and still is happening on YT.
  • That is so unlucky what you both experienced @doxiepom and @rebeccastout didn't realize the crash was as huge as that! on you tube? but money from rumble viral is from actual you tube so I am really confused now? I don't get it,? I mean I know some is from rumble but also from you tube.
  • If YouTube doesn’t generate any revenue, Rumble will also not receive any money of course @Tripwire ;)
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