Need help for giving parts of my footage to others...

Hi@all ! First at all : My english is not the best but I will try :) A start-up company (travel-agency) wants to have some parts of my footage for their promotion video. What happens when I allows them to use it ? Can I still upload other clips with parts of this footage to and also let manage the clip ? I hope you understand what I mean :) Thanks in advance for your replies...


  • If other parties want to use content that has been licensed to Rumble, they can contact us at and we'll work with them to get a deal that will benefit the creator the most.
  • Hi Mario ! Thanks for your answer ! What about footage which haven't been uploaded to yet. For example : I already allowed a company (small local travel-agency) to use the footage for their project (promotion-clip). It's still possible to upload that footage on ? Hope you understand that again :)
  • Yes, as long as you haven't singed the rights away to them, then it'll be fine for you to upload the content to us. Remember you can't give two different companies the distribution rights to your content, so as long as you haven't singed any contracts or agreements with them you should be ok.
  • No, I haven't signed the rights away to them. I just made a contract for using the footage only for their project (promotion-video) and only for their company. I think/hope it's Ok ?! Thanks again for your answer :)
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