Rumble Earnings and Cash Out?


So I'm making a decent amount on my Rumble Earnings, but the account overview says I have VERY little to cash out?

Do I not make the Rumble Earnings ? Or is that just telling me how much Rumble are earning from my videos? If so, I think it's slightly unfair



  • Hi there
    It takes about 2 months for the estimated earnings to become finalized. I started at the beginning of August and I got my first payout end of September. Be patient and all that estimated $ will be available for cash out
  • That's correct, what you see on estimated becomes finalized at the end of the following month, allowing the user to cashout.

    Finalized earnings belong to the user 100%.
  • ah ok, I just didn't know if the rumble earnings were mine. At the moment it stays I have $113 in the rumble earnings but only $0.30 to cash out...
  • edited December 1
    Mine is the same. I think cash out is behind it normally sorts out around 23rd of the month but mine hasn't think rumble must be waiting to see what you tube are paying cpm
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