Default playback quality

@mario When I embed my rumble videos on my website( for an example of what I'm talking about), they all playback at 480p by default. This poses a problem because quality is very important in catching people's attention. Is there a way to make playback default to the highest quality the user's connection can handle?


  • @mario why are some videos uploading at full quality and some only at 480p, this is a big deal and I need to be able to playback videos in their original quality
  • Can you send me a URL to verify this?

    Our player usually defaults to lower bitrate only if the user's connection is slow.
  • this video uploaded correctly(although rumble doesn't display 1140p, Youtube does)

    this video was shot at the same time, with the same camera, and only uploaded at 480p

    This has happened multiple times though and you have other threads pointing this out that I also responded to and tagged you in.
  • @mario I guess I lied, you guys do show 1440p because embedded on my blog this video(
    ) plays back at full 1440p. So some of the videos upload at 480p, some at 720p, some at 1080p, and some at original 1440p.

    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, same camera, same browser, same folder, same laptop, everything to do with uploading the videos is the same and they are all original 1440p
  • also internet speed is not the issue @mario
  • I see what you mean, I will check with our developers to get an idea why this is happening.
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